What to do?

Step 1

Launch the initiative, find followers

Talk to other parents at school, your friends, family or colleagues. Find out who's struggling with holiday care arrangements. Are they keen to form an Awhi Tree group with you?

For smooth running, you need 10 adults per 1 week of care, but those numbers are indicative only. Perhaps you only need 3 days of care? Prepare a list of interested parties. Request to join a new 'Group' on the Awhi Tree Facebook page, name it and invite those who are keen. 

Spread the word.

Step 2

Make internal arrangements

Awhi Tree supplies you with a roster, which each member fills out online to indicate which days they can/cannot provide care for.  A face-to-face get together is suggested to further complete the roster, decide on your group's rules and the way you will run your care. The start-up guide gives you an overview of things to consider. Decide who will do what. In the meantime, Awhi Tree will have matched you with a venue.


Step 3

Finalise and shut down the roster 

Once a final roster has been drawn up, no children or parents can be added. Now you fill in the holes in the planning or make the last practical arrangements; i.e venue access.

You can now rest assured that your holiday care is sorted!

Step 4

Kick off with a smile and some shared kai.

Set the scene before the big day: share some food, have a bbq, meet at the playgrounds. Get to know each other better if you don't already. As Awhi Tree is in its infancy in Aotearoa, we will join you to help you get acquainted with the do's and dont's.

Step 5

Here we go!

You had a problem, now you're solving it. Empowerment.  Strength. How's that for modelling great skills to our future generation of parents, employees, employers?

Stay safe, stay happy, keep informed via your facebook group or messenger. 

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Terms and Conditions

Collaborative, rotational out-of-school care, organized by parents for parents and their families